Detoxification is also referred to as detox, and it is the process of eliminating toxins in the body which are as a result of either drug or alcohol use. Detoxification can either take place in an outpatient or inpatient facility. However, it seems to be more effective when it is done at a residential treatment center.

Detoxification alone cannot treat substance addiction wholly, it is just the first phase and it is very important. When it is combined with behavioural therapy and counselling, it wraps up the prospects of having a very successful addiction treatment.

Detoxification is very essential. A good number of toxins remain in the system of the body for a long period of time spanning to weeks, after the last use.

Hence, this gives you an insight on the amount of toxins which reside in the body of either a drug or alcohol addict. The process of detoxification is quite uncomfortable because the body experiences withdrawal symptoms.

Now, these symptoms occur because the body is not used to staying without drugs or alcohol for a period of time. In some known cases, withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and even deadly.

This is why it is advised that, detoxification should always be done within the confines of a medical facility, so that the patient would be in safe hands.

There is no much difference when it comes to alcohol and drug detox, they both follow the same pattern, and the end result is usually the same.

Sequel to detox, it is still mandatory for the individual to continue the other phases of addiction treatment in order to ensure full recovery. There are various therapy programs and group support sessions which would be beneficial.

Above all, it is required that, all through the process of addiction treatment, the place of a counselor should not be kept aside. Having a counselor all through the period of addiction treatment comes with lots of benefits. Being a professional, he or she would be able to provide ample guidance and emotional support, from the first phase of treatment to the last.

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