Outpatient Rehab In Canada

Outpatient rehab is defined as “a therapy-based type of addiction treatment that DOES NOT include on-site living/housing arrangements.” Through this form of rehab those who reside in Canada who are faced with addiction are able to get the treatment they need. This is able to be done without them having to relocate from the comfort of their own home. As a result, each individual is able to fulfill his/her daily tasks. But the two biggest reasons that people choose this form of rehab is because of 1. their job, and 2. their family.

First and foremost is the patient’s job which may not allow him/her to have very much time off throughout the year. Inpatient rehab poses as difficult for individuals who are faced with a tight schedule, or who are involved in a profession of high demand. The struggling addict may work more than forty hours a week, and therefore be unable to leave their job as easily as others. This is where outpatient rehab comes into play because it allows each person to attend meetings, counseling, and/or support groups, but still be able to be fully active in their job as well.

Second is the patient’s family. For single moms or those who may watch over their grandmother leaving home to stay in an inpatient rehabilitation facility may not be an option. The single mother has kids to take care of whether it be feeding them, dropping them off and picking them up from school, and other such obligations. Then for those who are taking care of their elderly mom, grandmother, grandfather, and other such family relatives this leaves little possibility for them to be able to leave them unless they were able to find someone to watch their loved ones in the midst of their absence. 

In conclusion, “a standard outpatient drug treatment program within Canada may include multiple group or individual therapy sessions each week, and these types of sessions can take place during the day or in the evening; depending on what responsibilities the patient has.” That’s why outpatient rehab poses as beneficial for those who are in search of a flexible treatment option. It allows them the opportunity to pick what time is best for them in order to meet and receive help to aid them in their recovery so that they might get back to living a healthy, addiction free life. 

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